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Diabetes Educational Products

If your goal is to beat your diabetes and get off the drugs, then obtain the 400-page diabetes paperback book, or  the 320-page diabetes ebook.

Obtain the 200-page Weight Loss ebook if you are not diabetic, but you want to lose weight and reduce the belly fat.

Everything you're trying to do to improve your health is based upon either of these books and the nutritional principles of the Death to Diabetes® wellness program.

Other Diabetes Educational Products

If your goal is to lose weight and beat/reverse (or prevent) your diabetes, then, you should use the book in conjunction with one or more of the following diabetes educational tools. The use of these educational tools will allow you to achieve optimum health in the shortest amount of time.

If you're not certain which of these products to get, please contact us with your questions, and we will help you with your decision. Please be ready to share your blood glucose test results, other blood test results, and your diet changes so that we have a good view of your health, the changes you have made, and the improvements you have experienced.
Death to Diabetes (paperback book):
In the meantime, here is a list of our top diabetes educational products. However, we recommend that most people start with the paperback book Death to Diabetes (ISBN 0977360741). The book is one of the few diabetes books that looks at diabetes at the cellular level and from several aspects of medical science, including pathology, etiology, and epidemiology. The book also looks at diabetes from the aspect of several engineering sciences including reverse engineering, failure modes & effects analysis, root cause analysis, statistical engineering analysis, meta analysis, and process engineering.

As a result, the book provides a concise and easy-to-read set of procedures for a Type 2 diabetic to customize to his/her needs and get their diabetes under control within three months. Some diabetics even have the opportunity to reverse their diabetes and beat the disease.
Death to Diabetes Ebook:
If you want an ebook version of the Death to Diabetes book that explains how to reverse your diabetes and goes "beyond the book" to provide the latest information and research in diabetes management and superior nutrition, then, get the 320-page version of the Death to Diabetes ebook. 
Cookbook (150+ recipes): 
If you want a variety and hundreds of super meal recipes, smoothies, desserts, breakfast meals, dinners, lunches, snacks, etc., then get our popular Cookbook (150+ recipes + FoodTips): 
Note: The 240-page 150+ recipes cookbook is a much better buy than the 70-page 50-recipes cookbook. And, the 150+ recipes+Food Tips cookbook is an even better buy.
Meal Planning:
If you need a specific day-to-day meal planner to take out the guesswork, get our 90-day Meal Planner (program):
Weight Loss:
If you want to accelerate your weight loss and cell repair, try the Power of Juicing at:
If you need a little more help with losing weight and getting rid of the belly fat, try our Weight Loss PDF at:
Boot Camp Program
This comprehensive ebook was designed by Mr. McCulley specifically for people who cannot afford to travel and attend boot camp programs in other cities or on a ranch somewhere. These boot camps are very costly and time-intensive requiring several days or weeks. This ebook defines the specific daily activities that a diabetic must perform from Day 1 to Day 90, including meals, blood glucose testing, exercise, recordkeeping, corrective actions, doctor appointments, etc. It also explains the "boot camp mentality" and how to create that structured environment in your own home, or with a community group if you are trying to help your community. 
If you find that you need structure and you need the cookbook, food tips, and meal planning, then, the bootcamp program is a much better buy -- because it contains the Cookbook, the 90-day Meal Planner, and the Food Tips PDFs. Plus, the bootcamp program PDF provides an overview of the diabetes management and blood glucose control program discussed in the book.
Stress Reduction & Motivation:
If you have a lot of stress in your life, if you have trouble sleeping, or if you have difficulty sticking to your diet, or staying motivated, then, try our Stress Reduction & Body/Mind/Spirit PDF at:
Vitamins & Other Supplements:
Are you taking any vitamin supplements? Then, stop wasting your money on supplements from health food stores, drug stores and grocery stores! If you want to ensure that you are providing your body's cells with the highest quality of nutritional supplements that your body is missing, get the Nutritional Supplements PDF (Option: Brand Names).  This will ensure 2 things: (1) that you are taking the supplements specifically designed to your control your diabetes -- by reducing blood glucose levels, preventing blood glucose spikes, reducing insulin resistance, and reducing inflammation; and, (2) that you are taking high quality food-based supplements from name brands, and not wasting your money on traditional store brand vitamins/supplements that just don't work, e.g. Centrum, One-A-Day, GNC, Puritan.
Note: Although it is more expensive, the "Brand Names" document pays for itself within 3 months, because you're no longer wasting your money on so-called "natural" supplements or low-quality supplements.
Note: Mr. McCulley has conducted workshops for senior citizen groups, ethnic groups, and financially-strapped people -- to try to get them to realize that they are wasting their money on poor food choices and too many drugs/medications that just don't work. When Mr. McCulley worked as a volunteer for the American Diabetes Association (ADA), he took the diabetic support group on field trips to the grocery store to show them how they can buy healthy foods on a limited budget. Many of these tips, insights and money-saving ideas are documented in these PDFs.
Enjoying Your Meals:
If you are struggling with transitioning to eating healthier foods and you miss some of your favorite foods, you do not have to feel deprived. If you would like to enjoy some of your favorite foods (by transforming them into healthier foods), then get one of favorite PDF documents, the Food Tips PDF, at:
The Power of the BG Data:
If you want more information about analyzing blood glucose readings, obtain the PDF "Blood Glucose Testing -- The Hidden Power", especially if you want to know how to do the BG calculations and use the data to control and reverse your disease, and measure your insulin resistance and BG stability.
Note: Most people don't test because no one taught them how to really use the data. Others who test and collect a lot of data, are still taking the drugs because no one has taught them how to use the data to wean off the drugs!
Weaning Off the Drugs:
If you want more information about diabetic drugs, high blood pressure drugs, and how to safely wean off these drugs, then try the Drug Weaning PDF.
If you get tired of reading the 400-page book, and you need a break todaySmile, try our 10 Steps DVD at:
Are you helping a loved one with their diabetes? Do you have an older parent who is struggling with their diabetes but you don't know how to help them? Are you having a difficult time with getting them to make dietary and lifestyle changes? Do you feel hopeless or as if you're nagging that person? Does your partner truly value what you are doing to help them? Are you concerned about burnout?  Then, try our Caregiver PDFto give you the knowledge, tools, resources and insight into being an effective caregiver.
Note: If you need additional help with your caregiving, set up an appointment with one of our diabetes educators or Mr. McCulley.
Overcoming Depression and Anxiety
If you or a loved one find yourself struggling with life, your health, finances, etc., this can lead to emotional strain and depression. If you are struggling with depression, their associated medications and side effects, don't give up -- there is hope. Please obtain a copy of our PDF titled "Depression -- How to Defeat It Without the Drugs". It provides detailed steps to follow, and specific super foods that fight depression.
Community Training Program
Although the Death to Diabetes Educational Program is not available at this time for purchase (due to the high cost), you can obtain many of the training program slides if you want to run a community health & wellness training program to help others, or to train other people in the health industry.
How to Become an Affiliate
If you know people with diabetes, high blood pressure, weight issues, fatigue, high cholesterol, etc. you can make a few dollars by signing up as an affiliate -- just fill out this form and the office will give you an affiliate code so that they can track your sales. You will receive a commission for any sales made by people you recommend.This allows you to help others and make a few dollars at the same time.
p.s. Some people are doing quite well because some of their recommendations have led to big commissions on some of our newer products and our coaching services.
The History of Ethnic Groups, and Their Cultural Impacts on American Cuisine
This PDF explains the importance of ethnic culturesand their influences upon our eating habits in the U.S. It also identifies nutritional and lifestyle changes to help improve the health for ethnic groups and their struggles with diseases such as diabetes. This PDF also defines nutritional changes so that we can enjoy ethnic foods and remain healthy. Ethnic groups discussed include African-Americans, Native Americans, Asian-Indians, Mexican-Americans, and Chinese-Americans. This PDF also discusses diabetes in several countries, including United Kingdom, China, India, Japan, and Australia.
Diagnostic Health Report (DHR): 
If you have any questions about your health, blood work, nutritional program, nutrient gap, etc., and would like a diagnostic health report (DHR), please request a copy of our 12-page diagnostic health survey that you will have to complete before setting up an diagnostic wellness consultation.
Health Coaching/Guidance/Questions: 
If you need guidance and have a lot of questions about the book or the program, please contact us via email or phone to set up an appointment.


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